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Handmade and Raku-fired by Rob Sollis a ceramic replica of the Sacrifice Cup he made for Ridley Scott's Prometheus film. The cup features in the opening scene of the Engineer on a cliff's edge who lifts the vessel from its holder and drinks from it, before sacrificing himsellf by plunging into the deep waterfall below.  Recommended buy this along with the Sacrifice Cup Holder. Cup diameter is 8cm and height 4.5cm. Weight: 100g.

Each cup is individually thrown and fired so variations in surface markings and tone will occur due to the individual nature of each vessel's production.

Prometheus Sacrifice Cup

  • Shortly after completion of my work on the Amples for the Prometheus film, Ridley Scott the Director asked me if I'd look at designing/making the Sacrifice Cup.At this stage, there were a number of crude proto types made in varying colours of glass, but he'd been unhappy with the results. I came up with several different designs, giving options in colour and style. Sonia Klaus (the set designer), Ridley Scott and I settled on the design you see here - a hand-thrown Raku-fired Cup. I used the same varionate glaze as for the Raku Ampules on the inside of the vessel and plain Raku black glaze for the outside as contrast and to give the ancient feel of the object.

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