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Prometheus: my story - making the Ampules for Ridley Scott's Alien movie 

Prometheus is a 2012 science-fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, supposedly a half-prequel to his Alien movie of 1979.

I was asked by Sonia Klaus, the set decorator at 20th Century Fox studios, to make a series of hand-thrown metallic glazed ampules (also called caskets or urns) for the film set of Prometheus.  In the movie they appear in stacks in the Derelict's Hibernation Room and also in the Core Pyramid Chamber (Cathedral or Ampule Room) on LV223seen standing a small distance apart. The Steatite urns contain the Engineer's pathogen A0-3959X.91 – 15.

BACKGROUND: The first Alien film was followed by Aliens (dir. Cameron, 1986), Alien 3 (dir. Fincher, 1992) and Alien Resurrection (dir. Jeunet, 1997) all part of 20th Century Studios franchise. Scott's Prometheus positioned itself as a prequel in the timeline of the Alien films - it refers to Xenomorphs and Weyland Industries (pre-Weyland-Yutani).  Its sequel  Alien: Covenant came out in 2017. More about the timeline...


PLOT: The research craft Prometheus embarks carrying a team of scientists and astronauts searching out the Engineers (or Space Jockeys), a mysterious race of aliens who appear in ancient scripts, who they think could have created human life. But they discover a location which is far from friendly!  More about the film & PLOT...

Image credits: Prometheus set build & studios, R. Sollis & A Woodward. (Wallpaper Prometheus film set Ampule chamber (20th Century Fox.)

CLICK below to see my 3 visual diaries documenting the film and Ampule making:

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Sollis on the Prometheus Set-20 Century

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