Prometheus Ampule Mini  V1 (removable lid)

Prometheus Ampule Mini V1 (removable lid)


This is a hand-thrown by Rob Sollis, Raku-fired mini version of the  original Prometheus film's Ampules, (also urns or caskets) as seen in the alien Pyramid Chamber and Hibernation Room on moon LV-223. This vessel has a removable lid as  taken off by David (Fassbinder) in the film and can be used as a unique ceramic holder for objects. It displays one of three available versions of alien glyphs inscripted down the side. (See other versions 2 and 3). Comes with a Certificate of Authentication from the maker and Prometheus potter, Rob Sollis.

Width 9cm. Height 21 cm. Weight 700g. (Plus P&P.)

Each Ampule version is individually thrown and fired so variations in surface markings and tone will occur due to the individual nature of each vessel's production.