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This is a hand-thrown by Rob Sollis, Raku-fired mini version of the  original Prometheus film's Ampules, (also urns or caskets) as seen in the alien Pyramid Chamber and Hibernation Room on moon LV-223. This vessel has a removable lid as  taken off by David (Fassbinder) in the film and can be used as a unique ceramic holder for objects. It displays one of three available versions of alien glyphs inscripted down the side. (See other versions 1 and 3). Comes with a Certificate of Authentication from the maker and Prometheus potter, Rob Sollis.

Width 9cm. Height 21 cm. Weight 700g.  (Plus P&P.)

Each Ampule version is individually thrown and fired so variations in surface markings and tone will occur due to the individual nature of each vessel's production.

Prometheus Ampule Mini (removable lid)

  • Goods ordered online are delivered within 5-30 days depending on country of order. Goods are sent by post. We will send you a message by email to tell you when we have dispatched your order. For full details of postage costs and delivery and shipping terms, CLICK HERE

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