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Rob Sollis Ceramic Studio

MAKING PROCESS How my most popular pots are thrown

Here's some demos showing how I hand throw my most popular ceramic pots on the wheel. Follow 'how to' sequences of step by step visual instructions and video guides with a full description of the clay throwing process: from throwing, wedging to final trimming and designing the piece ready for firing! Also see my tips and techniques for glazes and painting, also Raku firing. CLICK the boxes below to view each making sequence.

Wheel throwing is a very challenging activity but it is also very therapeutic activity as touching and shaping the clay can be very relaxing.  I hope to run more ceramic courses in 2021 where I will guide you  to master the art of throwing. From a beginner, level students practice with the clay on the wheel, wedging, throwing and trimming up to stage where you can create your own individual, functional ceramic pieces.

 Olive Oil Pourers.

.Large Ceramic Bowl.

R ob Sollis Studio Art vessels.jpg

. Large Pot with Lid 

.Small Trimmed Dish.

TECHNIQUES Some of the methods used in my ceramic production: 


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