Prometheus Sacrifice Cup with Holder Set V#6

Prometheus Sacrifice Cup with Holder Set V#6


Handmade, Raku-fired by Rob Sollis ceramic version (#6) of the Sacrifice Cup contained within its own Lidded Holder, as featured in Ridley Scott's Prometheus film. The Cup and its Holder appear in the opening scene of the movie, where an Engineer on a cliff's edge lifts a full Cup from the ornamental, round Holder on the ground, and drinks from it. He then sacrifices himsellf by plunging into the deep waterfall below. This set consists of a replica of the ceramic Sacrificial Cup made by Sollis for the film, inserted inside its own round, ceramic lidded Holder, each version uniquely inscribed with Alien Glyphs. Each Cup and Holder set is individually thrown, decorated and fired by Prometheus potter, Rob Sollis.

Includes Cup inserted inside Holder.

Cup Holder  with Sacrifice Cup inside weighs:  1700 kg. Width 21.5cm. Height 5.5 cm. (Plus P+P.)

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