Olive Oil Bottles

Rob Sollis is an internationally renowned  English Potter, whose skills as both a Production Thrower and ceramic artist, have taken him to Scandinavia, Europe and Japan.

A commission from the film director Ridley Scott took Rob to Pinewood Studio’s in 2011 to design and manufacture large scale ceramic Ampules for Scott’s Science fiction epic “PrometOlive Oil Bottlesheus”.

Over the last ten years Rob Sollis has been living and working at his farm in Portugal. Rob splits his time between potting and the rejuvenation of his ancient olive oil farm.

Feeling an urge to re-engage  with his roots as a repetition thrower Rob Sollis is back on the wheel, making beautifully crafted, hand thrown olive oil bottles.

The Product

A stoneware glazed, durable, hand thrown clay bottle.

Dimensions and capacities

Subject to slight variation. Height 25cm. Capacity upwards of 500 ml.

Surface finish and glaze

Interior:   Lined in a white, non toxic food safe glaze.
Exterior:  A velvety rich silky glaze with tones of sloe berry and black olive.


Individual 500 ml bottle with stainless steel drizzler: £19.99

Post packing and delivery

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