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May 2011 – Prometheus – the final push

May was a great month and in its second week we knew we’d cracked it. We had by any standards been a formidable pair. Having Woody along, freed me up and I focused purely on making the ampules. Woody meanwhile leant the script and scribed vertically on each ampule a free flowing alien type Minoan hieroglyphic. He glazed and fired all Raku firings, packed and supervised their safe delivery.

A kind of relief fever struck us and with more time on our hands, were freer to explore the vast Prometheus sets and witness stunning night time filming sequences set against horizons of green screen.

Woody and I left Pinewood Studios in mid May 2011. Cabin 10 moved, our covered Raku workshop demolished. In fact within a couple of days, a place where history and dreams were made was raised to the ground. Our surreal existence bulldozed and leveled and from its dust merged a new world – Snow White.
Had we ever been there and could life ever be quite the same again?!