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Castelo de Vide. The Castle, the Jail and the Kiln

jailMy gas fired biscuit kiln won’t work and short of a technician from laser kilns turning up I haven’t been able to fire the pots. Until I met Fransico that is. A potter and Portuguese decorative tile artist living in Castelo de Vide offered me the use of his kiln up within the castle walls at the old jail. A stunning partly neglected building, occasionally damp, not always weather proof and on sunny day’s shafts of light cross the floor and walls altering their course as the season turns to autumn. Standing hence, in the middle of the main jail, the kiln. A 30 year old kilns and Furnaces. Pulling more power as it thumps on and off on it’s climb to temperature than the carnival and merry-go-round appears to use in the streets below. It has been an aesthetic education walking within these Castelo de Vide walls to the prison and back over these last months. And to you Francisco, Thank you for the use of your kiln and the kindness you’ve shown me.