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April 2011 – Prometheus – Sonja’s bombshell

Rob Sollis Prometheus Ampule prop production at Pinewood

When you’ve been working twelve hour days seven days a week, besides the pots you’ve made, your adrenaline levels can red line and you can find yourself paying little notice to someone telling you to double your output. I did, well at least initially. Then you realize it’s not a nightmare. That it is in fact the cold truth and what’s more it’s coming straight from the top.

“Ridley wants the same again, Rob Sollis.”

From my own experiences as a production potter and lessons learned in life generally, this was an impossible ask.
However doubling the pots crudely equated to doubling the money. The equation was obvious. I needed help. I wanted the skills of an all rounder. Someone practical and independent, multi talented and able to work uncompromisingly long hours.
Woody (Andrew Woodward) joined me at Pinewood Studios as an established artist, friend and equal. We set about meeting that deadline and doubling our output.

Firing the vast Raku kiln with sawdust reduction sleeve.